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Yin Yoga

By dint of exploration, I began to practice Vinyassa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and then fell in love with Yin Yoga during my training in India. Since then I have trained in this new edge teaching that is Yin.

It teaches us to know our body from the inside. It is a gentle, meditative Yoga & above all accessible to all levels and all ages .


Yin uses the weight of the body to stay in the postures. We maintain the asanas during 2 at 5 minutes. for this we will use material such as bolsters, cushions, blocks, blankets to be as comfortable as possible .


This is about listening to yourself, getting to know your limits and blockages in order to undo them little by little.


No worries, I wouldn't ask you to put your foot behind your head and hold the posture for 5 minutes, no !!!

Most postures are done sitting or lying down.

Yin works the deep layers of your muscles and tissues using gravity.


For those who already have a yoga practice rather Yang (Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Bikram), the Yin will allow you to complete it

Like Yin & Yang, Yin Yoga & Yang Yoga are a whole.

Come and try the experience!

Free first lesson



90 min session: 10 €

10 sessions card: 70€

Private lesson : 70€  

Each card is

valid all year

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