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You will find in this map, a whole journey to get to the heart of your sensations, your emotions and your body.

Each treatment is described, let yourself go to the one who "speaks" to you the most.

Listen to yourself.

If you are unsure whether you need more advice, I would be happy to refer you to the best care for you.

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55 • 80 min

This massage combines various techniques.
An alternation between
tonicity, softness and depth.

Complete and maternal, it adapts to your morphology and your problems, allows letting go and relaxation of the whole body.

To receive without moderation!



Treatment price: 70 € (55min) • 95 € (80 min) • 120€ (120 min)

Relaxing Massage
Massage crânien

55 min

The Kobi'Détox is a facial massage alternating between softness & tone.  

It is a real ally to restore shape & light to your face.  

It fights against sagging skin & premature aging.

Ideal as a cure to improve the quality of the skin.

In One-shot, it has the effect of a whiplash.

Give your face a breath of fresh air with this natural facelift


Do it regularly!



Treatment price:  70€ 

Lympho Detox
55 min

Lymph is a fluid present in
the all body. It filters and eliminates

This treatment works on the lymphatic circuit
thanks to gentle pressures and targeted in order to help the body to evacuate his waste.

It helps to normalize the circulation of liquids
, premature aging of the body,
cellulite and the feeling of heavy legs.

Treatment price: 75 €

Massage thérapeutique

Chi Nei Tsang 
55 min

Our belly carries in it the traces left by all our traumas.  Chi Nei Tsang is a deep massage of the abdomen, which releases negative energies and stimulates our self-healing potential.  

This ancient Chinese practice detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system.

It is indicated in case of abdominal tension, fatigue, back pain, insomnia, migraines, anger, stress.

*It is best not to eat before this treatment.

Treatment price : 75€

Rituel Bol Kansu  
55 min


The Bol Kansu & Lithotherapy Ritual is a treatment combining several ancestral methods to work on the reflex zones of the foot.  

It has the effect of draining toxins and evacuating them.

By acting on the reflex points of the feet, the Kansu bowl activates the proper circulation of vital energy throughout the body.

It acts energetically on the liver, the digestive system and the elimination of fats.

This complete foot treatment combines softness and depth


Treatment price : 70€ 


Deep Tissue
1h15 to 1h30 *

It is a particularly effective treatment for chronic tension and areas prone to contractures (neck, shoulders, lower back).

Deep tissue massage works to release adhesions to reduce pain and promote a return to normal movement.

Be careful of sensitive people because it requires sustained pressure.

It can generate some stiffness for 24 to 48 hours, following the work of deep realignment of the muscle layers

Treatment price: 100 €

* According to morphology

90 or  120 mins



The treatment begins with a dry brushing which removes dead skin, preparing the body for the passage to Gua Sha , an instrument used to smooth the skin gently as part of this treatment.

The latter allows the activation of circulation
and pore opening .


Thus prepared,
the body can receive
the benefits of clay
through the poultice.

The best care to start a new cycle.

Treatment price: 110 € (90 min) •

                      150 € (120 min)

Copie de Sans titre (1).png
Mudra Méditation

90 or 120 mins 

Combination of treatment combining auriculotherapy, acupressure, massage & mudra.  

This unique protocol aims to stimulate the emunctory organs (lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, intestines)  , and relaunch the energy circulation

This modern treatment combines Chinese & Vedic knowledge

A real booster to do at each change of season!

Price of the treatment:100€ - 90 min

                              140€ - 120 mins